WhitePHOENIXarts is an arts and entertainment company dedicated to the growth and development of the artistic community.  Originally established in June 2018 by our founder, Alex White, with the goal to fix a growing need for more artistic avenues for artists to showcase their trades.  We wanted to provide resources outside of the traditional means of galleries, studios, boutiques, and festivals.  Traditional resources are limited and have shown a decrease of foot traffic to these brick and mortar locations.  This is because the public does not know how to engage with these places, or understand that you do not need to be wealthy to purchase art.

Even events like the Short North Gallery Hop has been decreasing in attendance and traffic flow to galleries in the area over the last few years.  Artists are struggling to find ways to interact with potential clients.  They are wanting a better way to connect with the community and sell their trades.  Therefore, we created WhitePHOENIXarts to solve this issue.  To be a voice for those individuals who want to create but do not know how to network with local businesses to showcase their talents.  We connect the business world to the artists.  Allowing them to be creative and for use to help promote their skills to the public.

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