Here at WhitePHOENIXarts we love collaboration!

We are on a constant search to partner and network with talented artists to grow our community.  To help them grow in their trades and in ours.  If you are looking for a professional partner to help grow, develop, and create your project.  Describe your inspiration, your trade, and your goals in the space below.





All are welcome to apply!




Artist Trades and Skills, We Support

  • Visual Arts

  • Fashion Design & Modeling

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Photography

  • Culinary Arts

  • Graphic Design

  • Music and Music Production

  • Theatrical and Stage Performances



All works of art are a story to be expressed.  Whether that be in a physical media, music, dance, or walking down a runway.  We are here to help you tell that story.  Our team works with you to develop a plan to create a target plan to help you reach your goals.  Networking you with the right team members, venues, manufactures, and everything else your project may need.


We have a large network of local venues to help showcase your work at.  Along with our own calendar of event that welcome and host artists of variety of trades to interact with potential clients.  We are a company of artist for the artist.  Expression is our passion and having your passions showcased in our mission.



As we get discover your brand and story we will develop a path to best represent you career goals.  Networking with our resources to get your trade the recognition it needs to grow.  From initial concept to a fully formulated plan.  Your experience will be a partnership between you and WhitePHOENIXarts.  Together we will execute a plan that will help grow your brand and career to where you want it to be.  No project is to small or to large to achieve.  Just takes time and dedication to get to the end goal.

Art Consulting

WhitePHOENIXarts provides turnkey art consulting services with your vision, goals and budget in mind, creating beautiful art packages unique to your project.

Our art consultants draw on a broad range of experience and educational backgrounds, including evidence-based design, fine art, graphic design, ceramics, painting, photography, and both commercial and residential interior design. Along with quality control process management in ISO and Lean Six Sigma.  Elements using in many manufacturing industries throughout the world.  It is these diverse backgrounds, combined with our shared values and beliefs, that influence the work we do and the results we achieve.  We want to provide you with the best experience and team possible to make your concept into a reality.


WhitePHOENIXarts specializes in providing local artwork for your project. The talent that we represent are residents of Columbus, Ohio and range in skills and backgrounds to fit any project.  We accomplish this through our extensive in-house library of artists from around the city.  We work with you to find what your needs are for the project and pair you with an artist who will meet or exceed your expectation.  All in order to make your dream come true through the interpretation of the artists skill.


Art Consulting Services

  • Project planning and site visits

  • Budget development and management

  • Review of all materials, drawings, and formats for optimal art placement and scale

  • Collaboration with interior designers, architects, contractors and clients

  • Calls for local and regional artists for originals, reproductions and commissions

  • Research of local area, landmarks, community and culture

  • Customized digital presentations of artwork and frame selections

  • Original fine art sourcing, commissions and procurement

  • Evaluating and documenting existing artwork

  • Project status reports

  • Installation supervision and checklist

  • Education training for our artists

  • Skill building

  • Networking

  • Showcasing Placement

Thank you! One of our representatives will be with you within 48 hours.