Project Management

Project Management

WhitePHOENIXarts works with clients and artists to ensure a project is a management properly.  Understanding what the goals and expectations of the project are in order to deliver a complete product or production.


For our clients, we work directly with you to understand what your expectations are for the project.  We help establish a workable budget for the project and network with the right people to ensure the project is a success.  While maintaining the budget, project times lines, meeting goals and objectives and hitting each milestone to ensure the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations.


For our artists, we support in helping find resources to help a project meets your client’s expectations.  This meaning we will help you find the team, resources, means to complete your masterpiece.


Services We Help Manage

  • Budget Planning

  • Funding procurement

  • Team and partner management

  • Time tables and milestone tracking

  • Project lead and overseeing

  • Communication proctoring

  • Customer and Artists Management

  • Artist to Talent Management

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payment

  • Contracting