Modeling Services


Are you interesting in modeling? 

WhitePHOENIXarts welcomes all types, sizes, ages, and genders of people to try to model. 


We represent multiple different practices and disciplines that are looking for individuals to model for them on projects.   We help connect and contract parties together to make a project a success.  No prior experience needed. 


All contracting, and negotiations are management by WhitePHOENIXarts and we project our models by setting rules and guidelines that all parties must follow.  We are not your typical modeling agency.  We will work with you to find jobs and projects to collaborate on and support.  All contracts are freelance.  If you are represented by another modeling agency, please review your contract before agreeing to work on any project we or our artists provide.


Types of Modeling Services

Fashion Runway Model

Fashion Clothing and Photography

Photography Model

Art Model, life studies

Body Part Specific Modeling

Hair and Makeup

Event Model

Film Model



The model who choose to pose nude must be 18+ years of age. 

No model under the age of 18 years of age will be promoted to pose nude.

All projects and collaborations are approved by WhitePHOENIXarts before a model is introduced to a project. 


We hold the safety of our talent to the utmost standard.