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Being Represented By WhitePHOENIXart


We represent a verity of artistic trades.  Ranging from the visual arts to theatrical performances.  We do not look at art as one form or another.  Rather any form of representation of telling a story from one idea to an audience.  We are a company of artists for the artist.  Competition is tough to get your trade noticed.  We are here to help get your portfolio noticed by a larger crowed!  Taking the search away from you and providing the tools and resources to take your goals to the next level.  You focus on the creative elements we will take care of the searching and networking.

Relax and know that you are being represented well.  You will be treated as if you where one of our works of art.  Your passion and expression is ours.  We can only grow if we support each other.  Be a part of the team.  Be a phoenix and join our community of artists.


Artist Trades and Skills, We Support

  • Visual Arts

  • Fashion Design & Modeling

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Photography

  • Culinary Arts

  • Graphic Design

  • Music and Music Production

  • Theatrical and Stage Performances

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