About WhitePHOENIXarts LLC.

WhitePHOENIXarts is an arts and entertainment company dedicated to the growth and development of the artistic community. 

Originally established in June 2018 by our founder, Alex White, to fix a growing need for more artistic avenues for artists to showcase their trades. 

"We wanted to provide resources outside of the traditional means of galleries, studios, boutiques, and festivals.  We want to find ways to bring art to the people.  Not people to the art."

Traditional resources are limited and have shown a decrease in foot traffic to these brick-and-mortar locations. This is because the public does not know how to engage with these places, or understand that you do not need to be wealthy to purchase art.  Online resources have shown promise for aspiring artists in graphic design, photography, and modeling.  Not all passions and skills have seen the same popularity from social media, and e-commerce.

Even events like the Short North Gallery Hop in Columbus, Ohio have seen decreasing attendance and foot traffic flow to galleries in the area over the last few years. Similar first Friday or Saturday artist blocks around the country have been losing attendance from patrons.  This trend was happening before the 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic.  

These events don't hold people's attention without some form of entertainment or draw to the event.  Artists showcasing at the galleries and local businesses are not getting enough attention.  Nor the opportunity to sell their pieces.  Artists are struggling to find ways to interact with potential clients. They are wanting a better way to connect with the community and sell their passions.

Therefore we created WhitePHOENIXarts to solve this issue. To be a voice for those individuals who want to create but do not know how to network with local businesses to showcase their talents. We connect the business world to the artists. Allowing them to be creative and for use to help promote their skills to the public.

We want a way to help celebrate the artistic trades and bringing them back to the public to enjoy. Our goal is to remove the notion that the arts are only for the wealthy. To help educate the public that they can own these beautiful works and have them a part of their lives. That you do not have to understand art or be an expert to enjoy the message being displayed or told on a medium. We need your help to relay this message to our community. Your voice to be added to ours, to tell the story. The story of the creative talents here in Columbus. That we are a community that supports each other and wants to grow our expressive ideas.

WhitePHOENIXarts was created to network growing business-like local breweries that support the arts and bring them together with art patrons. The idea of artesian beer mixed with the visual arts was a masterpiece ready to happen. This concept became reality with the first-ever BAM! BrewArt Month showcase. WhitePHOENIXarts and seven local breweries partnered together to create a unique event, unlike any before in the city. This showcase had a series of thirty-six participants in the showcase. Featuring disciplines in the visual arts, fashion design, and photography. Showcasing four to six artists at a time. Giving the attendees a different showcase to view at each location. Each brewery took its days to showcase. Spreading the entire month with art and creative drive.

We want to expand these opportunities and are scheduling more events each day by finding and partnering with different businesses throughout the community to support the arts.

WhitePHOENIXarts Mission

At WhitePHOENIXarts (WPA), our mission is to support the artistic community by providing resources and tools to help support emerging and professional artists with a different outlet for them to showcase their work or trade.
To network and grow the artistic community through collaborative movements.
To bring new ideas and concepts to push the community, while bringing quality to our work.
To inspire, create, and innovate our partners so we can provide quality work and products to our end customers.

WPA’s Culture

Achieving our Mission depends on having engaged associates who understand and communicate with our partners, collaborators, and customers. WhitePHOENIXarts takes pride in finding employees who appreciate the arts, culture, and people they work with and for. We strive to nurture and grow our culture so that we can better represent our customers, clients, and collaborators. WPA works to achieve quality, performance, and understanding so that we can pass that information along to those whom we work with and for. Only through collaboration and innovation can we succeed and pass those lessons onto our collaborators.

WhitePHOENIXarts was created from the idea that we cannot create something from just one person. It takes a team or a collaboration of people. People from different backgrounds and perspectives make a single concept or idea into a living breathing thing. Like the phoenix ideas will rise and fall but by learning from our failures can we succeed in our dreams.

Art is a trade and practice. Those artists who choose to practice the arts are lifelong students who have a passion for a skill they have developed over time. Our mission is to provide an outline to emerging and professional artists. An outlet that will allow those who partner with WPA a chance to develop their trade into a more professional setting. Network with our professional partners in the Columbus, Ohio area. As the phoenix grows we intend to support and grow our network to push the movement for all to participate in.

We at WhitePHOENIXarts promise to provide a unique experience to our customers and partners. Art is an emotional display on a media or expression through movement. That is unique to all those who view, hear, or touch that piece. We want our collaborating parts to be a part of every step of the process when working with WPA. Their opinions, thoughts, and incite are crucial to making their vision come true. For our customers, we want the experience they share with us to be positive and meaning full. WPA understands that art is an emotional attachment to the object, performance, or skill and we want to make our interaction with our company a positive one.

To fulfill our Mission, our unique culture is designed to attract and develop associates based on the following principles:

Exceptional Teamwork: Our Mission is dependent on our team and our partners. Our founder is an artist and wants to represent his customers, collaborators, and employees as he represents his work of art. With pride, care, and passion. Our team and employees follow that same mentality. We want those who work with and are supported by WPA to be treated the same way. True, mutual accountability and respect are the foundation of how WPA wants to represent the organization, customers, and collaborators. 

Collaboration and Communication

WPA was found and based on collaboration and communication. We must ask questions and seek answers. Policies that do not serve customers or associates properly should be challenged. The principle of Curiosity requires that we ask why, as opposed to accepting an incomplete understanding.

Utmost Care: We strive to aspire to address customers, collaborators, and associate’s questions completely and honestly. With the utmost reasonable explanations. We take care to perform quality research, development, and understanding of any situation. To provide the most accurate and reasonable solution to any condition. Like the phoenix, we strive to continuously improve on our policies and improve on our performance to create a better experience for all those involved.

Supporting the Arts: WhitePHOENIXarts was created for emerging and professional artists an outline outside of traditional galleries. We want to provide an experience that not only allows the artist an opportunity to grow but to be apart of a community that helps support their trade. We want to open and support all forms of the arts and will not turn down any visual or performing art a chance to make a concept into a reality. As long as the foundation is strong, and the direction is clear.


Commitment to our Customers

At WhitePHOENIXarts we are determined to make our customers an experience as easy, enjoyable, and productive as we can. We want to make our customer satisfaction rating as high as we can make it. We appreciate any feedback and comments to help us reach that goal.

Commitment to the Arts

WhitePHOENIXarts believes in the support and development of emerging artists in all trades. Equally, we believe in supporting professional artists. WPA will support by providing resources, tools, education, and networks as needed based on the collection and partnership collaboration to provide the best quality product to showcase to the public and potential customers.