Last updated March 15, 2021


Pricing Strategy

WhitePHOENIXarts works hard in finding the best price for our clients, customers, and partners.
Our pricing strategy is based on current market trends and the collaboration of those we choose to partner with.
Event Prices
Each even that WhitePHOENIXarts either hosts independently or with parts is priced for the experience that it offers.  While we try to remain as competitive as possible our prices higher than some of our competition.  This is because we offer a higher quality experience from our instructors, guest artists, and technology than those we compete against. 
We want those who participate in our events a better-quality experience that they want to keep coming back to try. 
WhitePHOENIXarts works with local businesses, schools, councils, and other partners to find quality teachers, presenters, and entertainment for those who engage with our events.  This takes a lot of time and effort from our team to find the quality we want to represent our company and to give back to the customer.
Collaboration and Contracting
WhitePHOENIXarts has been working with artists of all skill levels since 2018.  Our team has over 10 years of consulting experience in several different industries. 
Allowing for a more outside-of-the-box looking-in approach.  This type of quality and best practice makes a different kind of consulting company. 
We not only ensure that our clients get their desired commission completed on time.  Additionally, they get an update on the project progression.  We work closely with our artists.  Coaching them throughout the process to ensure a project is completed in time and within budget.
Project Management
WhitePHOENIXarts works closely with our arts, partners, and collaborators.  When we take on a project we look after it to ensure it is successful.  We know that art is an emotional purchase, and a final piece represents both the artist and the person who commissioned the piece.  We want to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the piece before the project is complete.  As Project Managers and immediately for a project.  We work closely with both the artist and the person who commissioned the piece.  All contracts, terms, payments, and deliverables are processed through WhitePHOENIXarts. 
Protecting both the artist and the client.

Pricing for each project is subject to the timetables, artist skill level, outcomes set by the client, and other outlining variables. 
We work closely with both the client and artist to set realistic goals and prices for the project.  We coach each artist to understand the scope of work and what will be required to complete a successful commission for the client.  We take on all forms of art and those projects take different skillsets to complete. 
Collaborative projects, skills, locations, time, and material all must be estimated for the project before a contract can be set.


Contracts, commissions, and best practices


WhitePHOENIXarts holds the rights to take on or the right to refuse any contract requested to the organization.  We hold this right to project our organization and those we collaborate with.  This means for the artists, models, clients, partners, and the organization itself can either take on or refuse a project after the first consultation.  If the project does not fit with the artists, clients, models, partners, or WhitePHOENIXarts guidelines, standards, principles then they have the right to refuse a project. Terms and conditions of contracts will be set out between those parties involved.  Refusal of work must be addressed prior to any contracts are collected or signed and payments or deposited collected.
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