It Only Takes A Spark 

To Inspire An Idea.

A Big Book of Columbus Artists

Short Summary

If you have a passion and want to showcase your skills, then we want to represent you!

  • Visual Arts

  • Fashion Design & Modeling

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Photography

  • Culinary Arts

  • Graphic Design

  • Music and Music Production

  • Theatrical and Stage Performances

Each coffee table book will feature 30 to 40 local Columbus artisans. One of those individuals will have the opportunity to be featured on the front cover.

If you want to be published in a coffee table book, then this is the campaign for you!

What We Need & What You Get


Your contribution goes a long way to help support the artistic community.  If you are a patron of the arts, your support helps emerging and established artists expand their audience range.  This coffee table book is a way to showcase their work and provide an introduction to the arts to those who do not yet understand how to approach these trades.  Giving artists an opportunity to share a part of themselves with you in a great keepsake to have in your home.

For our artist, we want to provide a resource and tool to better showcase your work to our community.  Having your work published in a recognized form will help open many avenues and will help establish your credit as an artist.  By being a part of this effort, you can us this experience in such way as:

Resume Building for showcases, galleries, and festivals.  Beat the competition by letting the judges and curators know you’ve been published in a coffee table book.

Marketing outreach.  A portion of your contribution goes into printing books to be used for promotions.  Giving local businesses a copy of the coffee table book to let their visitors see your work.  This will increase your potential of selling and making new followers offline.

Helping represent your city and community.  One of our goals for this book is to let the public know they have amazing talent in this city.  We want them to know you can approach artists and purchase their work, without breaking the bank.

For our local business supporters and partners, your trades and crafts are art.  We want to represent you as much as our artists.  Please show your support for these emerging artists, in the same way you support their showcases.  Your contributions show that this community supports each other.  When the arts grow, our community grows.  Be a part of the history we are making and show other cities that Columbus supports each other in our trades.

Your contribution also helps us pay for studio space for our photography team so that you can view the best quality photos of the artists' trades in the coffee table book.  We want the art, food, and performances to come out clear and be presented beautifully.  



Portfolio Submissions

1st DO NOT SUBMIT PORTFOLIOS WITH COPY WRITTEN MATERIALS IN THEM!  You will not be featured in the coffee table book if you send portfolios in with copy written materials.  ONLY ORIGINAL CONCEPTS CAN BE FEATURED!!

This means any images that have characters, logos, or markings owned by another company that have a Trademark, Registered Trademark, Copyright, or other owned images, names, and symbols are not to be submitted for this opportunity.  Only original work can be showcased.  Images altered from their source will be evaluated to be determined if they can be called “Original Work” if based off a trademarked image.

If you select the $200 perk to be a featured artist in the coffee table book and are not picked to be featured, no worries.  We will return $150 of your money back to you.  The remaining $50 will used for supporting the campaign.  $25 for the application and $25 for contributing to our foundation.   Unless your portfolio consists of copy written materials.  We will not refund for portfolios with copy written materials in them.  This means you must submit materials you own yourself or have created yourself. 

The Impact

Our goal is to help educate people about the arts.  We are hoping that this coffee table book will fill this objective.  Helping show our community that our family and friends are creative and have amazing talent.  That artists are not some estrange people but our neighbors.  By representing this idea in a coffee table book we are hoping that people will realize they can support and love the arts even if they do not understand what is being represented by the piece.  Art is an emotional expression from one person to another.  People are free to like one form over another and to appreciate the arts and welcome that into their home. 

This is the message we want to share to our public.  Art can be affordable and enjoyable.  You do not have to be an art critic or collector to purchase art.  You just simply need to find the right artist's work that speaks to you.  Without the artists to help explain and represent this movement we cannot help grow the arts in our community.

Risks & Challenges

Over the 60 day campaign we will be networking with local artists and businesses to get contributions collected for this project.  Without your support and interest, we cannot make this concept into something real.  We have been talking and networking with many artists about doing this project since April 2019.  We understand their wants and needs in expanding the artistic community.  We have heard their concerns and ideas on how to better represent this city and grow the Artistic Community.

The first series of these books is a challenge.  Making an idea and motivating people to follow through with the concept is always a creative encounter. We cannot gain more attention and awareness on this project without your help.  Please share this campaign on your social media and network platforms.  Communicate and talk to your fellow artists and guilds to push this concept into a completed project.

You don’t have to be in the fine arts to be represented in this book.  We are looking for all skills and trades.  If we get more than 200 requests from artists, then we will increase the number of volumes we produce in 2020.  We are company for artists by artists.

If you are in the following trades, we want to represent you:

  • Visual Arts

  • Fashion Design & Modeling

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Photography

  • Culinary Arts

  • Graphic Design

  • Music and Music Production

  • Theatrical and Stage Performances

Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t help financially but still want to help?  Please like and share this campaign with your family, friends, co-workers, and everyone else you can.  If you love the arts and want to help, your voice can carry and help inspire others to contribute.  All of your efforts are welcome, and we appreciate all the help you can provide to this dream.

Thank you for your help.  Never stop creating and being passionate about your craft.

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