Rebirth of Design

We are dedicated to the growth and development of the arts.  
It is our goal and objective to expand the creative passions of those we represent.
By both finding and developing opportunities that expand the creative enhancement of the artistic community we serve.
We help develop new ideas, concepts, and collaborations and turn them into a working project. 
Partnering with established organizations and supporting their business needs in order to achieve our goals.
Only by working together can we create something great.

Art Consulting

WhitePHOENIXarts provides turnkey art consulting services with your vision, goals, and budget in mind, creating beautiful art packages unique to your project.

Our art consultants draw on a broad range of experience and educational backgrounds, including evidence-based design, fine art, graphic design, ceramics, painting, photography, and both commercial and residential interior design. Along with quality control process management in ISO and Lean Six Sigma.  Elements using in many manufacturing industries throughout the world.  It is these diverse backgrounds, combined with our shared values and beliefs, that influence the work we do and the results we achieve.  We want to provide you with the best experience and team possible to make your concept into reality.


WhitePHOENIXarts specializes in providing local artwork for your project. The talent that we represent are residents of Columbus, Ohio, and range in skills and backgrounds to fit any project.  We accomplish this through our extensive in-house library of artists from around the city.  We work with you to find what your needs are for the project and pair you with an artist who will meet or exceed your expectations.  All in order to make your dream come true through the interpretation of the artist's skill.


Art Consulting Services

  • Project planning and site visits

  • Budget development and management

  • Review of all materials, drawings, and formats for optimal art placement and scale

  • Collaboration with interior designers, architects, and contractors

  • Calls for local and regional artists for originals, reproductions, and commissions

  • Research of local area, landmarks, community and culture

  • Customized digital presentations of artwork and frame selections

  • Original fine art sourcing, commissions, and procurement

  • Evaluating and documenting existing artwork

  • Project status reports

  • Installation supervision and checklist


Artist Trades and Skills, We Support

  • Visual Arts

  • Fashion Design & Modeling

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Photography

  • Culinary Arts

  • Graphic Design

  • Music and Music Production

  • Theatrical and Stage Performances


Project Management

WhitePHOENIXarts works with clients and artists to ensure a project is managed properly.  Understanding what the goals and expectations of the project are in order to deliver a complete product or production.


For our clients, we work directly with you to understand what your expectations are for the project.  We help establish a workable budget for the project and network with the right people to ensure the project is a success.  While maintaining the budget, project times lines, meeting goals and objectives, and hitting each milestone to ensure the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations.


For our artists, we support in helping find resources to help a project meets your client’s expectations.  This meaning we will help you find the team, resources, means to complete your masterpiece.


Services We Help Manage

  • Budget Planning

  • Funding procurement

  • Team and partner management

  • Time tables and milestone tracking

  • Project lead and overseeing

  • Communication proctoring

  • Customer and Artists Management

  • Artist to Talent Management

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payment

  • Contracting


Art Classes/ Events

WhitePHOENIXarts hosts a series of art classes and events throughout the year and around the Columbus, Ohio area.  We network with local businesses to provide a fun, relaxing, and familiar environment to learn, network, and make memories.  Now in 2021, we have moved to Charlotte, NC to expand our business and influence to the local artist.


We accept all skill levels into our classes.  We only ask that you are respectful and have fun during the class.


For our events and pop-up show, we do not restrict our artists on their skill level.  If you have a passion for the arts, we want to represent you and build up your skills as an artist.  The only thing we restrict is copywritten materials.  Please be original.  We want to see your concept, not someone else’s work.



  • Sip and Paint Class

  • Life Studies (Human Form sketching)

  • Still Life Classes

  • Paint your pet – guided painting class

  • DIY Home décor creation class

  • Watercolor class

  • Body Painting

  • Culinary Arts Class

  • Hair and Makeup tutorials

  • More



  • BAM! BrewArt Month

  • Drinks and Food Pairings

  • Fashion Shows

  • Pop-up Art Show

  • Theater Performances

  • Music Concerts

  • Masquerade Ball

  • Season Events

  • More



WhitePHOENIXarts love the arts and we want to showcase your skills.  We host and put on multiple showcases throughout the year.  Many of which are showcased at breweries, restaurants, and local venues.  We try to pair our event with locations outside of the norm.  This meaning, we find locations at are outside of the traditional gallery and studio areas.  We bring the arts to the people.  We help educate the public to have a better understanding of the art community.  In order to better support our artists in promoting their trades, we need our clients to better understand what the arts mean.


Our showcases are targeted to the largest city demographics.  Placing the arts and entertainment we host in areas in which these individuals like to congregate and visit on a routine basis.  Art is an emotional purchase and we want people to feel comfortable and have a great experience at our showcases.  This concept and how the artists interact with the guest will help increase the chances of making a sale.


WhitePHOENIXarts is dedicated to supporting the arts and getting the resources and tools to help push your artistic career.

Showcase Schedule


Are you interested in modeling?  WhitePHOENIXarts welcomes all types, sizes, and genders of people trying to model.  Our only restriction is that you must be 18 years of age older to be represented by our organization.  We represent multiple different practices and disciplines that are looking for individuals to model for them on projects.   We help connect and contract parties together to make a project a success.  No prior experience needed.  All contracting, and negotiations are management by WhitePHOENIXarts and we project our models by setting rules and guidelines that all parties must follow.  We are not your typical modeling agency.  We will work with you to find jobs and projects to collaborate on and support.  All contracts are freelance.  If you are represented by another modeling agency, please review your contract before agreeing to work on any project we or our artists provide.


Types of Modeling Services

  • Fashion Runway Model

  • Fashion Clothing and Photography

  • Photography Model

  • Art Model, life studies

  • Body Part Specific Modeling

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Event Model

  • Film Model

  • Entertainment